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We use 4 distinct training methods: core, functional, metabolic, and interval training to give you maximum results.

Warm up prior to the start of your session, you will apply your polar heart rate strap, perform aerobic activity and stretch your muscles to prepare you for your workout.

Core Training – to strengthen your stomach, back and hip muscles.
Functional Training – total body exercises to strengthen and sculpt your muscles.
Metabolic Training – total body movements performed in short burst activities to burn excess calories.
Post Interval Training – after your workout, you will use cardio equipment for  to burn excess calories and improve you lung strength on your own.

We perform these 4 distinct methods using semi-private training. This means you will have one other member training during your session. Each member’s program is individually designed to meet his or her specific goals. There’s no one size fits all philosophy.

TRAIN: Do you have an extremely busy schedule but need someone to hold you accountable? Then this is the plan for you! Your trainer will give you the tools you need to progress on your own and train you hard up to two times a month!

TRAIN HARD: Need some motivation? We’ve got you covered! With two sessions a week we’ll be able to help you stay focused and make your fitness goals a reality!

TRAIN HARDER: Looking for fast results? Need to drop weight and quick? With our unlimited program you’ll be able to work with a trainer every day of the week! Don’t worry about back-to-back workout days, our trainers will use our progression based program design to make sure your body gets an appropriate workout each time!  .

Membership details

will be discussed during the introductory Session.