With affordable prices, heart rate training, personalized program design cards and nutritional coaching, there is no other personal training facility like us! Every time you come into the gym, you’re training effectively with your personal trainer!


Trainers Total Fitness specializes in increasing your heart rate and stimulating your metabolism even hours after you leave the gym by reaching the “after burn” zone. The “after burn” zone is reached when you workout between 70 – 90% of your max heart rate. How do we know you’ve achieved this? The Polar System tracks your heart rate giving you real time feedback.


 What should you do when you’re not with your trainer? We’ve got you covered. We provide workout instructions and pictures for you to follow when you are not with us. We want you to stay on track if you go on vacation or you need to go out of town for a business meeting. We know it can get pretty boring riding a bike or walking on a treadmill. The on the go workouts are fun, quick, and simple!


What should you eat? Ever felt frustrated about what to eat to help you lose the weight? At Trainers Total Fitness, we give you the resources to help you make beneficial changes to produce weight loss. We educate you on how food is used in the body and teach you how to boost your metabolism.

Do you know how to read a food label? If not, how do you know what you are eating. What are you putting in your body? Are the ingredients in that package working for or against your weight loss goals? At Trainers Total Fitness, we help you break that label down so you understand what you are putting in your body. We even provide meal options that have proven to enhance you results.

Lets look at what your current eating habits are like. Research shows that when you record what you are eating, you can visualize where you can makes improvements and you are most likely to change those unhealthy eating habits. We show you how to properly track you diet for success so you can actively learn how to eat for weight loss.